The business has retired. The website will remain as-is for posterity.


inspection As a professional home inspector, my objective is to enable my customers to make intelligent choices. To accomplish that, I must fully inform you, my customer, of the physical conditions of your potential new home and all of its systems.

To accomplish that, I must go everywhere I safely can, see everything that can be seen, and test all equipment that can be safely tested. I must meet and exceed the highest standards of the industry for practice and ethics. I must be prepared by way of experience and education to fully understand a home and its systems. I must nurture the work ethic necessary to complete the task, every time. I must be looking out for you as a home buyer.


You must be able to trust the members of your team. Trust and confidence in your home inspector is absolutely foundational. VA DPOR and ASHI have set the industry standards for codes of ethics. They go beyond honesty, truth and integrity. They also establish business practices and define conflicts of interest, professional relationships and ownership of the report. I am very careful to adhere to these codes. I fully understand my responsibility to you, the importance of my job and its implications for you, as you commit to invest in your new home. I am here to look out for you!