Most real estate transactions involve realtors. They are usually the hub, the traffic cop around which most of the transaction activities revolve. They are a key player on your team.

I enjoy working with realtors. In fact, I was one, and further, about half of my business comes via realtors. I am, however, vigilant to maintain independence from them and accept no influence from them, and have no affiliations or arrangements with them.

Relative to the inspection, they can be particularly helpful in several ways. For it to be a fully inclusive inspection, all utilities must be on, heat pumps fully switched on at breakers and service switches, all gas pilots lighted (except perhaps gas log fireplaces), plumbing system de-winterized and main valve on, and all appliances available to operate. They can prepare sellers for a minimum 3 hour (approximate) inspection time, and except for overriding medical or logistical reasons have them vacate the home while we are there. We must be free to openly discuss things without worrying about their reactions to our comments.

In your offer to purchase, you have obtained a contractual right to an unimpeded inspection of a fully readied home. Storage and furnishings should not block access to electrical panel boxes, mechanical items, crawl spaces, etc. Pesky or dangerous animals must be removed or safely kenneled so that I have full access to all areas. And please, those plug-in room fresheners! They are very distracting, but they also can mask odors of mold or pets. Please insist they be removed ahead of time to allow the air to clear.

If radon testing is also a contingency, they can notify sellers that closed house conditions are to begin 12 hours in advance and be maintained through the duration of the test which is normally 48 hours.