Quotes From Customers

testimonials Jim, Thank you - It was the best money I ever spent. - Jory

Dear Jim, Please accept my gratitude. I have heard good things about you and after meeting you and perusing your reports, I agree with the local consensus; you are the best in your field! Sincerly, Ginger.

Dear Mr. Gannon, Thank you so much for doing such a fabulous job on both of our home inspections! We are so lucky to have found such a thorough and knowledgeable inspector. You really saved us from making a big mistake with our first potential house. Thanks to you, we have found a really solidly built house, with which we are very happy. We look forward to recommending you to other potential home buyers. Thanks again, Karen and Chris.

Dear Jim, Thank you for the thorough job you did for our daughter. This is her first home and it has been very difficult getting even to this point. Your care and meticulous attention to detail has already taught her a lot about home maintenance. You are very kind to have rescheduled for her. I am astounded at the time of day you posted this report: almost 11:00 pm! Thank you, again, Marlene and Robert.

Hi Jim, Chris and I want to thank you for a great job and for such careful consideration of our interests. Please let us know if you feel we owe you more money for you services, as the job took longer than you had thought when we first spoke. Thank you again. - Chris and Christine.

Jim! I would have paid twice what you charged. I refer to your report all of the time - So helpful. Thanks. - David.

Dear Jim, I have built quality homes for over 30 years. I watched you inspect one of my homes for my buyer. That is why I knew you were the one to call when my son was buying his first home. Thanks. - Dan M.

Some Quotes From Realtors

Deep attention to detail.

Patient to explain things.

Dear Jim, I would like to thank you for your great home inspection. As you are aware, 100 year old houses require a very special expertise. My clients were very pleased with your comprehensive report on the house and welcomed your suggestions for improvements. It was clearly evident that you have inspected a lot of properties and know what you are doing. As a real estate broker with over 20 years experience in Northern Virginia real estate, I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of home inspectors over the years. Jim, you rank at the top or your profession. - Larry

I also have a long list of agents who have hired me for a home inspection when they were buying investment properties, or for family member purchases, or when they were working in a “Dual Agency” capacity and wanted maximum protection.